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There is financing available through Moffitt's RV

We can help even if you have had prior credit problems. Our lenders have competitive programs with excellent rates and different terms to fit your budget.

Why should I finance with Moffitt's?

  • All loans are simple interest loans and most have NO prepayment penalties.
  • Interest on most RV loans is a tax deduction much like a second mortgage.
  • Keep own money working for you and keep a good cash flow.
  • NEVER use your own money to purchase a depreciating asset.  
  • We offer aggressive rates and most times are lower than what you could get from your bank or branch.
  • Variety of plans that can suite your needs best.
  • At Moffitt's we keep the process simple and easy.   

What would my interest rate be?

Interest rates depend on the following factors:

  • Credit Rating - Excellent credit may lower the rate
  • Down Payment - Lenders usually require 10% down
  • Balance of Loan - A higher balance may lower the rate
  • Term of Loan - Longer terms may lower the rate

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